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These poems explore loss through one man’s experience. His honesty will encourage readers to reflect on the losses they may have faced, and the vivid celebration of life will inspire us to cherish the people we say we love. The collection neither delineates the stages of grief nor is it a map by which we may discover our own precise location in the spiraling path of sorrow. Rather, it is an eyewitness account of many of the bizarre locations reached in the strange wilderness of bereavement.

Ruthless Love

By David Sutcliffe

Published: July 2019
Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
Pages: 90
Size: 6×9

ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781984590091
ISBN 13 (HARD): 9781984590107
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781984590084

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You died,
but the love I bear you did not.
Not only does it carry on,
but each day it is ever more strong.


Yet if a surgeon with a skilled hand
offered to excise you from my brain
like a cancer,
I’d turn her down.


I did not wish to live
without your presence.
Now I cannot wish to live
without your absence.


Mine is a pitiless love
that will not let me go.

Ruthless Love

Ruthless Love